Everything From a single Source

High quality equipment, smart software and exceptional service that will suit your budget and needs at any time. 

Your SMA Energy System Home


Generate solar power for optimal consumption:

  • Up to 30% lower energy costs
  • Protection against rising energy prices
  • Your contribution to climate protection
  • Additional income from grid feed-in

Manage and distribute solar power:

  • Up to 60% lower energy costs
  • Optimize your solar power consumption 
  • Energy management saves money without sacrificing comfort or convenience
  • Power generators and appliances can be combined in an integrated energy system

Store solar power and use it flexibly:

  • Up to 45% lower energy costs
  • Benefit from solar power while you are sleeping
  • Optimize your solar power consumption by storing what you do not need right now.
  • Protection against rising energy prices

Gain independence from the grid with solar power and get your electricity from 100% renewable sources:

  • Help drive the energy transition as part of the community 
  • You can be independent of coal and nuclear power
  • No minimum contract period, no fixed contractual obligations
  • Guaranteed prizing allows for better planning